P H & G Railway

The Layout

The Layout is of course Under construction. At this point in time we are working on the bench work for layout number 3. The government has decided that we need to make the railroad Bigger. Me not being the type to argue agreed hole heartedly. The building department had something to do with this I think! ( I think she has bought to many buildings again) The New layout is now taking up half of the basement in an area about 22 x 16. This should be big enough for a modest railroad.


Construction started with an unfinished very rough Basement


September 10 2004

Well allot has happened since the tear down of the original Layout. We have started the new layout with a plan. First thing was to renovate the basement. we took out some walls and started construction. the finished room is 15 X 23. Big enough for us and it works well. To date we have all the bench work in place and the main yard track laid. the construction phase of the basement went well and other than one mistake it is complete. You can look at the pics to see the challenges we had to over come. but we did it. with the age of the house and the mysterious room in the basement it was a BIG challenge. The Mysterious room turned out to be a salami room. the original people that owned the house made their own salami. took a while to find that out but the son-in-law of the old owners Just live around the corner. once that was done a bunch of our friend and family help with putting up the walls and the drywall plastering and painting. the hole process took about three months. than we started the bench work.....and from here the rest will be completed buy the strength of time. There will be more to come.......

Construction Pictures


Oct 1 2004

We have decided that we are going to use Digital Command Control (DCC). DigiTrax super Chief is what we are going to purchase. seeing that it is a new layout, DCC is the best way to go. We decided on DigiTrax because The GMRS (Guelph Model Railway Society, The club we belong to) has used DigiTrax since 1999. and it has been very easy to trouble shoot if there is a problem. And you can run allot more Locomotives with out adding more Power supplies or wiring. DC and CTC you always had to change the infrastructure if you wanted to run more trains. DCC just put the Loco on the track and away you go. I have started the layout wiring with this in mind. Using the Chief and 1 PM42. ( Click here for explanation for DigiTrax Codes) Making provisions for BDL16 for signal control. The size of the layout is small enough that I can do this with 1 PM42 and 4 BDL16's for a total of16 signal blocks. plenty for the

 P H & G.


Changes again

May 29 2007


It has bee awhile since last the last up date. We have been very Busy. We have now had a running layout for about three years and only major change happened right after the Double Headers Tour ( click on the name for the web page) we tore up the main yard and replace the Homasote. It really twisted the yard up and not to sure why. did everything people said to do but it just did not work. I hope to have all the work in the yard completed before Our tour. For more info see Royal City Model Railroaders association. Oh well when things get back to normal we will update the entire site and change the pictures

Have a great summer See ya in the fall

I will update these as time permits.