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Digitrax part explanations

Super Chief    Power and brain for the system.

LocoNet    the way Digitrax communicates with the system

PM 42     Power management system for the track

Pm 42 can divide you layout in to protected zones. if you short in one zone 

only that zone will stop you can also use the PM42 for reversing loops.

BDL16 Signal Block Detection

UT 1 / 2 / 4  Utility Throttles from DigiTrax for basic control of you locomotive. The UT4 is a new throttle that can do 4 digit addressing

DT 100 200 300 400 Digital Throttle that you control you Locos with. the DT 200 300 400 you can also Program you DigiTrax equipment with ( Booster command station Decoder ETC Etc)

Most throttle can be Infra-Ready and/or Radio transceivers. the model number should have and R or IR proceeding it.

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