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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why do I want to buy your beef?

You want to buy local beef at wholesale prices

Q. How can you sell local beef at wholesale prices?

When you buy in volume, the cost per pound drops. The smallest volume you can buy is ½ of a small animal (appr. 140 lbs) up to a whole large animal (appr. 700 lbs). You can also get just hamburger in smaller weights and somersausage in 20lb sticks.

Q. What is the procedure to buy your beef?

When you confirm your order, I make an appointment with the butcher. This is usually takes about 2 weeks time. After another week, you will need to contact the butcher for your directions regarding your custom cut. Allow another few days for flash freezing.

Q. Any other things I would like to know about?

Any questions can be sent to me. Other things I would like to mention,,,

Talking to the butcher is the best way to get your order right, and they are experienced in matching your cuts to your family size and food preferences.

You get about 40% hamburger, 40% steaks and roasts, and 20% soup bones and organ meats.

Some people share their order with others, donate some to the foodbank, have a special cut not usually available at the grocery beef counter.

Payment is at the time of pickup or delivery.

Price is $2 / pound for me, and about 50 cents / pound for the butcher, hanging on the hook.

Thank You for your time and interest in local food!

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