Preserving History and Glory 

The History

The PH & G Railroad was started Christmas of 2001. After a long suffering of NOT getting my Train Set for girlfriend bought me one for Christmas that year and we have been at it ever since. We both grew up watching the same trains going past our houses. Just from different Towns. Mine in Eramosa, Hers in Acton. We grew up to the sound of the engines rolling past our house. My family was born to trains. My great great grandfather was an Engineer as were my great grandfather, grandfather and my uncle. I was the last honorary engineer of the CN Northern 6167, all though I was a little young to remember the ride. (I do remember my Mother giving my uncle the third degree when we got back) My true interest in trains and model railroad began when I was but a wee lad. I met a gentleman down the road from where I grew up. He was the typical modeler, had a layout in the basement with four or five trains at once going around. He also had a live steam engine that we used to ride on nice days outside. I think it was 5" Gauge. Not sure...but it was fun. When he took ill I was asked to look after the Hatch Railroad. To which I whole heartily agreed. I was too young to run the live steam myself but I could run the HO railroad myself. Back then I didn't know why this was such a big job but I do now. Mr. Hatch passed when I was about 8 or 9 but I still remember the railroad and the live steam. It took me another 30 years or so to get back into modeling the rail but I have finally done it, with the help of a friend who loves this hobby as much as I do. My better half and I join forces in building what started as Holtytown. A 4 X 8 layout with a loop of track and some scenery. That layout soon grew so big we had to stop, dismantle it and make a plans to make a railroad that we like and would work. P H & G Railroad was born. Her being the Building Dept (and Finance and Local Government) me the track layer and scenery person. That is the P and the H . I didn't know alot about wiring and I HATE hydro with a vengeance so I called on  another friend of mine. He is an electrician and has an interest in the hobby too, he is the G. Hence the name P H & G Railroad. I looked to another old friend for a layout plan.( I have no imagination when it comes to laying track, but I am getting better). He has been modeling a railroad for about 35 years now and he designed a layout that not only fit the area that we had but is expandable for the future. George did a fine Job. To see his layout Look for " Bear Mountain Southern Pacific " On the link Page. So with the main items in place we have started the P H & G Railroad


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